It took me a long time to get comfortable on a film set. It’s intense and noisy. Time is precious and you need to think on your feet. I once heard it compared to surgery and while I don’t think that analogy is totally accurate, I understand the comparison.                                            


Once I realized we’re all learning and no one has all the answers, especially those who act like they do, I started having fun. Actors love cinematographers, and I find working with them like playing with kids in a sandbox. I admire their vulnerability and respect their willingness to take risks. I feel it’s my responsibility to provide them with a safe place to do that.  


There are moments on the set when all the crews, in all the departments, are in harmony. It takes time and discipline, and the ability to stay present. Yes, it’s rare, but that’s when the magic happens. That’s when it’s a joy, not a job.